Having a baby!?

Congratulations! You made it here (despite the incredible amounts of overwhelming information on the internet these days), so you're on a good path already. Taking a good birth class can have a dramatic positive effect on your birth and postpartum experience, your feelings about your body, your relationship with your partner, and your ability to navigate medical environments. If this class seems like a good fit, we'd love to have you join our community. If you want to check us out before committing, please watch the preview videos or join us once a month for our live All Things Birth and Doula Q+A event.  If you do purchase class and are not happy we offer 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of completing the course. 

Want to BirthSmarter?

It's feeling real. You're going to have a baby. You may know nothing. You may think you know a lot. After teaching thousands of parents we know one thing: there is absolutely no way to predict how your birth will unfold. While you can't predict. You can prepare. Birth Smarter's unique curriculum offers information and practice that will enable you and your partner to think critically and improvise during high stakes moments. We incorporate the best elements of Lamaze, Hypnobirthing, and the Bradley Method and present curated, relevant, and scientifically rooted information in a straightforward, funny, and compassionate manner. Whether you're hoping to deliver your baby alone in the woods or planning on getting the epidural immediately, our class will leave you feeling empowered, excited, ready to move forward.

Is this the right class for me?

  • 5-Hours of uniquely interesting and action oriented video lessons (no powerpoint voice overs!)

  • Master the Birth Smarter 3 Actions and 5 Partner Responsibilities

  • Unbiased, non-judgmental, presentation of options (because you might get an epidural if you didn't want one and not get one if you did)

  • 32-Page Interactive Activity Book, including a Birth Planning Guide and Hospital Packing List

  • Access to Birth Smarter's curated pregnancy and parenting resources page

  • Neutral Language (You can identify as a mama, mother, birth parent or anything else. We leave it up to you.)

  • Watch at your own pace (with lifetime access)

  • Chat with Birth Smarter educators and other expectant parents on discussion boards linked to each video

  • Live Office Hours on Zoom

  • Captioned Videos

What's Included?

  • 2

    Section 2: Anatomy and Physiology

    • Pregnancy Anatomy

    • The Three Actions

    • Actions 1 + 2

    • Actions 1 + 3

  • 3

    Section 3: Partner Responsibilities

    • The 5 Partner Responsibilities

  • 4

    Section 4: Logistics

    • Stages of Labor

    • Water Breaking

    • Timing Contractions

    • The Car Ride

  • 5

    Section 5: Comfort and Coping

    • Comfort and Coping Workbook

    • Early Labor / Snow Day Activity

    • Coping Strategies, Part 1

    • Coping Strategies, Part 2

    • Breathing Through Labor

    • Positions, Massage, and Partner Support

  • 6

    Section 6: Hospital Language + Medical Interventions

    • Hospital Triage

    • All Things Epidural

    • Using your B.R.A.I.N

    • Labor Induction

  • 7

    Section 7: Pushing

    • Pushing Considerations

  • 8

    Section 8: Postpartum

    • Delivering the Placenta + Immediate Postpartum Adjustments

    • Wrapping Up


  • How long is the class?

    This class is a total of 5 hours of video content broken up into 23 videos. Each video lesson is between 5 and 25 minutes long. You can watch the videos in any order you would like.

  • When do you recommend I watch this class?

    Most people take a birth class between week 28 and 34. We recommend you purchase this class between week 20 and 30 and begin watching the class as early possible to lay the groundwork for pregnancy decision making and review videos such as comfort and coping techniques closer to week 34. If you watch the whole video in a weekend around week 38, you'll also get a lot out of class!

  • Is this a natural birth class?

    Like almost everything we'll discuss in class, there's no one answer for this. First, what is natural birth? Without any pain management? If so, this class offers phenomenal preparation for you to deliver without pain medication. If "natural birth" means vaginal birth to you, we also prepare you for that! We'll discuss why, when, and how someone may use the epidural or nitrous oxide in labor. We do not recommend someone opts to labor without pain management. We know you cannot predict how things will unfold and we want you and your team to be prepared to keep labor moving well no matter what!

  • Should I take a live Birth Smarter class or this on-demand version? I can't decide.

    We can't choose for you, but here's what we know. Our live classes are awesome. Being in community and being able to ask questions on the spot is pretty amazing. Our live classes aren't too long and they're very interactive. This on-demand class is also excellent and might be a better option if you can't or just don't want to be on a Zoom call. Keep in mind that any student who registers for the Birth Smarter Comprehensive Bundle (all 5 classes) will automatically be granted access to this class for review. Best of both worlds! You can also start with this class and then decide to register for a live group class or a 1:1 follow up session.

  • I am single. Is it ok with watch this without a partner?

    Yes! Please take this class, we are very considerate of all family structures in our language. We do discuss the role of the birth partner, and hope that you can coordinate having a friend, family member, or doula watch sections of the class with you to help you prepare!

  • I'm planning a VBAC, would this class be appropriate for me?

    Yes! So much so. Our framework of 3 Key Actions and 5 Partner Responsibilities as opposed to the Stages of Labor make this class highly actionable for someone planning to VBAC.

  • Would this class be useful for those birthing in a hospital, birth center, or at home?

    Yes, but. This class was designed for those delivering in a hospital or birth center. While all of the information covered in class is appropriate for someone planning a home birth (birth physiology and medical interventions, should you need them) we do not have a section that covers how to prepare the home specifically. If you're able to discuss that with your midwife, this class would be a perfect complement.

  • How woo is this class?

    Yeah, that's a great question. A little. We think the right amount. Basically, we maintain a justifiable skepticism of the mainstream medical industrial complex. While we wouldn't want to live in any other time or place, and will teach you the upside of medical interventions, medical care for birthing people in the United States is generally abysmal and needs to be challenged. Our presentation of non-medical alternatives to labor coping such as breathing techniques, movement, and comforting touch are less about being woo-woo and more about rejecting the idea that you're a patient on a conveyor belt.

  • How much does class cost? What's the Pay-What-You-Can-Program?

    This course is valued at $295. But - here's the thing: we live in a world of incredible inequity and we believe our education should be accessible to all. $295 is based on the value we know this class will bring your family. If you can afford less, or more. Please contact us and let us know how much you can pay. We’d be honored to meet you where you are. Especially those of you who are choosing to take Hospital Based Virtual classes or are watching You-Tube Childbirth Classes. Just shoot us an email with your situation and we'll send you a custom coupon code. No questions asked.

What others really think...

(you can check out our Google reviews to be sure we didn't make these up!)

So much better than the alternatives!

- Chelsea

I tried a birth class that I hated, and then I was lucky enough to find one I loved. We felt infinitely more prepared after taking Birth Smarter.

make up your own mind about what type of birth you might want

- Helen

"This was a very neutral / non-bias approach to the whole birthing process which I really respected. There is so much pro-natural birth content out there (because I believe it's the fashion right now), so it was refreshing to absorb the information in a totally neutral context. This then enables you to make up your own mind about what type of birth you might want, knowing full well that you can't plan how it will actually go down!"


- Adam

Unquestionably well worth the time!

Meet Ashley

Founder + CEO

Ashley Brichter

Ashley is the founder and CEO of Birth Smarter. She is a certified cooperative childbirth educator, a doula, lactation counselor, mom of two and life-long educator.

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